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Terry blassingame is all about making you look good and feel great about yourself!
Located conveniently near to residential houses, Terry blassingame offers the highest quality of exercise machines, group exercise classes.

About me

Terry Blassingame is a National Certified Fitness Trainer. He has participated in the fitness and health industry for over 15 years. Before Terry began dedicating his life to training, he was drafted into the NFL in 1999 to the Seattle Seahawks. He played arena football with the North Carolina Energy's, and also ranked 7th among the leading rushers at Fort Hays State University. Terry offers one-on-one training, group sessions, meal planning and online sessions. His overarching mission is motivating, educating, and promoting the adoption of healthier lifestyles for all. Terry endorses the fitness philosophy that states that results should be measured from a functional standpoint (i.e. your appearance, how clothing fits, or by the way you feel), rather than by arbitrary numbers on a scale.

Trainer and founder of The King of Weight Loss LLC

Terry Blassingame

Success Stories

GymPress In 4 Steps

The Terry blassingame are here to work around your schedule so that you do not
have to miss your work or meetings for your workout session.

First Step: Dedication

After that, we move on to flexibility and different range of motion before moving to strength, power, and speed.

Second Step: Pain

We, at terry blassingame, want to create awareness and form an environment where we concentrate on the principals.

Third Step:  Passion

We realize the value of your time and aim to get results whether it is weight loss, sports performance or muscle gain.

Fourth Step:  Gain

Our approach is simple. Hard work always pays. Often, we are surprised at the different information and advice.