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Our Pricing Plans

*Online 30 Day "I'm Ding Me"  (Worldwide)

*Couples Training (2 people)

*Group Training (4 or more people)

*One on One Private


30 Day Online "I'm Doing Me" Program


The King of Weight Loss Presents The New " I'm Doing Me" program is a (HIIT) High Intensity Interval Training program. This program is built for those that are self motivated, determined, seeking change, or sick of being over weight.  The "I'm Doing Me" program are designed to help you get in top shape, tone up, slim down, trim fat  and drop inches with only a set of dumbbells and your body weight. No matter if you're Beginner, Moderate or Advance this is a MUST HAVE PROGRAM.

No Gym Needed... Log in from anywhere on your device with wifi

  Custom 30 day meal plan

  Workout video library with 30 Day of working out.

  Equipment Needed is a set of dumbbells and your body weight

 Log In to your own private portal

Couples Or Partner Training 

$38 per person/Min of 10 sessions each

Consist of 2 people working out together at the same time. This is where you guys choose a minimum of  10 sessions each at $38 per person. These sessions can be done at your home, in the park or at a local Gym that I'm connected to.

*All Programs comes with:

Nutrition plan geared towards your body type and goals.

Shopping list for substitutions

List of foods that fight flab


Group Training (6 Weeks ) $150 per person

Join existing group of 5 or more.

Create your own group of 5 or more.

All Groups will consist of Circuit Training, Fun Challenges, Fun Games, Strength and Endurance Conditioning. All groups will come with meal plans and guidance by the instructor.

Get Ready....... Get Set........ Go!!!!!!

 Workout in your Local community or at a park near you

  Custom Meal Plan for each individual

 Bring your water & yoga mat

 High energy supportive group

 Fun fitness games and challenges

Workout 3x a week



Private 1 on 1 Training 

Contact Me

I will come to you at your home or any location. Private one on one training is guaranteed to give you the results you're looking for, as long as you follow your individually designed program.

*All programs come with a Nutrition plan that is geared to compliment your body type and goals.